About Us

OceanAir is the industry leading independent and privately held diesel engine emission control technology development company for locomotive and marine
sector as well as pioneer in biofuels production. OceanAir currently has
three USEPA certified retrofit/remanufacture kits for EMD engines for compliance with
the USEPA 40CFR1033 locomotive regulations and 40CFR1042 marine regulations.
The  kits provide upgraded rebuild components for EMD 645 series roots
blown and turbocharged engines. The kits result in emissions reductions of 50-70% without any fuel penalty or power loss. OceanAir is your lowest cost option
for compliance.
  OceanAir is also the first company to develop marine retrofit kit for EMD roots blown engine to comply with the Tier II marine emissions
regulation contained in 40CFR Part 94.  OceanAir has three patents (pending) for these diesel kits
. OceanAIr EMD kits have been operating successfully in 55
EMD engines to date.

For EMD kits, OceanAir has teamed up with Helm Environmental Solutions, a divisions of Helm Rail with access to MEI, a complete locomotive repair facility in
East St. Luis.

OceanAir was also the first to own and operate a biodiesel production plant in Lakeland, Florida with a capability to produce 10 million gallons/yr ASTM D975
grade biodiesel and industrial/pharmaceutical grade glycerine from virgin vegetable oil, animal fats, and recycled oils.  Its integrated acid esterification, base
esterification and glycerine refinery  produced quality clean fuels products.  The plant was sold several years ago to allow OceanAir to concentrate more on
research and development of better and more efficient cost-effective clean fuels technologies. OceanAir has two patents (pending) for biodiesel production
processes. OceanAir has also worked extensively with CNG compressor technology.

OceanAir also specialises  in emissions trading  and has traded over $20 million of emission credits with many well name clients.

OceanAir has been in the business for over 15 years serving government and private industry clients. OceanAir is staffed by  highly recognized industry
professionals.  OceanAir owns the required  emissions testing equipment  that are primarily used for commissioning of developed clean air technologies.

OceanAir's operates through a vast network of contracted companies/contractor
s/mechanics that provide parts and services for its projects throughout the

OceaanAir's principal Mahesh Talwar holds a MSChE degree and his work related to air pollution control resulted in awards from U.S. President and California
Governor. He started his career first working in the chemical and petrochemical design industry  and then moved on as a Sr. Scientist for a California Air
Pollution Control Agency.  He has published extensively and is the author of two technical books. He also taught course in air pollution control engineering at
University of California, Santa Barbara.  He has five patents (pending) on diesel engine emissions controls and biofuels area.

OceanAir Environmental